• fruitstal rivierenland

For the project ‘Design Fruitstalletjes Rivierenland’ entrepreneurs, such as fruit growers and owners of stores with regional products, will together explore how good-looking fruitstands can help to tempt tourists to visit the region and buy more fruit.

The entrepreneurs are supervised by Jolijn Zwart- van Kessel (Platteland Rivierenland), Richard de Bruin (RBT Rivierenland) and Wim de Jager.

Wim de Jager, an enterprising habitant of Buren, came up with the idea to use attractive fruitstands where there’s more to experience. For example visitors can get an explanation about different varieties of fruit or taste fruit and products made of fruit.


It’s not the ambition to disqualify all stands made of ‘some boards with plastic sail’. But in several places the stalls can be more original than they are in the current situation. A beautiful characteristic wooden log cabin or a stall in the shape of fruit, for instance. Everyone can offer suggestions, whether you are a child or a designer. The diversity of special designs can make the area more interesting for tourists.

For more information about this project, please contact Jolijn Zwart-van Kessel at info@plattelandrivierenland.nl.


To gather nice designs we encourage all creatives to participate in our contest. The winning design will be announced at our annual opening of the tourist season 2018 on March the 16th. The winner can win a completely serviced Betuwe Cherry-weekend with a overnight stay at a cherry farm, cherry pucking, a cherry tasting and a cherry farmtour.